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She SPOT Winery

5198 N. Franklin Rd.

Indianapolis, IN 46226

Wine & Candles, is a  Female and Veteran-Owned company.  We passionately produce creative, satisfying, refreshing, and fearless combinations of both wine and candles. Every collection is meaningful and is an excellent starter kit for your relaxation. Located at She SPOT Winery, we promote a relaxed and professional atmosphere, where fun and laughter is encouraged, creativity is embraced, ideas are valued, purpose and passions are pursued, and excellence is produced.

Carmen - Owner/Vintner

Christopher - Co-Owner/Operations Manager

Operating Hours:

Friday:  2:00pm  8:00pm

Saturday:  12:00pm  6:00pm

Sunday:  12:00pm  6:00pm

Signature Collection

Ron B. Legendary Wines

Our Ron B. Wine Collection is handcrafted fruit-based wines with bold and consistent flavors that has renovated a seasoned product. Our wine collection is an excellent tasting, satisfying, refreshing, passionately produced, and relaxing beverage that gives our clients permission to ENJOY!



Our premium soy wax candles are highly fragrant, vividly colored, and burn clean without soot buildup. We use high-grade essential oils to scent our candles. Our candles are created for customers to thoroughly enjoy with a flame or as a decoration. 


Scented Soy Candles

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